Friday, February 18, 2011

Why We Need AMD?

As this blog is currently pushing harder to save AMD/ATi from meeting fate similar to that of Cyrix or 3dfx, Intel's major competitor is an easy target at the moment as its flagship CPUs and GPUs are behind the competition in terms of performance, and can only complete on price

During recent spat of office banter, pushing back again by making an article and knowledge for AMD system. again, in order to push back AMD to become a part of games for our benefits. these idea seem to be better by the way, although it is hard work to be done successfully.

however, behind the misunderstanding about AMD, it is important that if we lose a major competitor in both CPU and graphic industries, If it weren't for AMD, Intel would probably still be producing sub-par NetBurst CPUs today. and they wouldn't feature EM64T instruction. similarly, if not for ATi Radeon 9700 and 9800 card, we'd have been stuck with the woeful Geforce FX card a few years ago.

Nvidia and Intel has already killed off most of their competitor. and we now need AMD and ATi more than ever. Several people in the industry told that, AMD will be up for sale in a few years, while bulldozer seem a little bit attactive, but still, Intel currently execution seem a lots better. particularly now that Dirk Mayer has resign. Please don't mess this up, AMD, we need you to keep everyone else on their toes.


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